Sunday, October 28, 2007

Detox Camp

After reading an article on Business Weekly about some celebrity women's experience in a Detox Camp, I decided to go once I got chance. Three weeks ago, after I brought in 2 new cases, I decided to take one week leave last week for the camp as I knew that I won't be able to have this kind of chance again.

Therefore, I was in Tainan for 7 days. As the name indicates, there are some treatments or programs to detox our bodies. The main program is Fasting. Every morning, we would drink 2000 cc of Warm Lemon Water with Salt to clear our body. For the 2nd and 3rd day, we drank only water and for the 4th day, we didn't even drink. The purpose is to have the body concentrating on detoxing as most of the time our body is working on digesting the food we eat.

For me, it's really a total relaxing, reviving, purifying experience and of course I made some good friends there. I would highly recommend everyone to go for this kind of camp if you want to keep a healthy body and especially for hose people with Health Issues. This would be a good alternative treatment as I have seen a few good cases with symptoms such as high-blood pressure or heart problems improving during the camp.

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